GCM2010 On your computer

Get access to the latest news about the 2010 Gran Canaria Marathon from the comfort of your desktop.

To do so, follow these steps:

- If you do not have Adobe AIR, download it here http://get.adobe.com/es/air/?/
AIR is an application by Adobe that lets you run internet-based desktop applications on different operating systems (Windows, Mac OS and Linux).

- Once AIR has been downloaded and installed, download Snackr from: http://www.adobe.com/cfusion/marketplace/index.cfm?event=marketplace.offering&offeringid=10354
Snackr is a desktop RSS reader, which will allow you to read news items about the 2010 Gran Canaria Marathon without the need to use a web browser to access the web.

- Once Snackr has been downloaded and installed, the program will ask you where it can find the RSS feeds. Close the window containing this question and press the + button on the Snackr bar. In the "Add feed" field, enter the address of our RSS newsfeed service: http://www.grancanariamaraton.com/index.php?format=feed&type=rss〈=es

You can find out more about Snackr at http://snackr.net/

If you already have an RSS reader installed, you can keep up to date by simply entering the address of our newsfeed: http://www.grancanariamaraton.com/index.php?format=feed&type=rss〈=es